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Railway RRB ALP 29 August 2018 Analysis and Question Asked in Exam Download (All Shifts)

Railway RRB ALP 29 August 2018 Analysis and Question Asked in Exam Download (All Shifts)

Railway RRB ALP 29 August 2018 Analysis and Question Asked in Exam Download (All Shifts)

RRB Railway ALP & Technician Exam Pattern 2018
Name of Subject
No. of Qs
Overall Time

60 minutes
General Awareness
General Science

Total Marks = 75
Total Time = 60 Minutes
Negative Marks = 0.33

Mathematics :- Railway RRB ALP 29 August 2018 Analysis And Question Asked In Exam Download (All Shifts)

No of Questions
S.I, CI 


Profit/ Loss


Time and Work


Speed and Distance

Average & Percentage




Railway ALP General Intelligence & Reasoning :- Railway RRB ALP 29 August 2018 Analysis And Question Asked In Exam Download (All Shifts)

No of Questions

Venn Diagram

Methematical Calculation

Mirror Image

Odd one out





Statement & Conclusion

Counting Figure


Railway ALP General Science :- Railway RRB ALP 29 August 2018 Analysis And Question Asked In Exam Download (All Shifts)

No of Questions




Download/Check All days - all shifts RRB ALP 2018 questions asked in Exam

RRB ALP Analysis and Questions 29th August 2018 – 1st Shift

General Awareness & Current Affairs

  • Who is the owner of ‘Mumbai Indians’?
    Options – (a) Reliance Industries (b) Shah Rukh Khan (c) Amitabh Bachchan
  • Who is the Governor of Bihar? – Lalji Tandon
  • Which of these built Jama Masjid?
    Options – (a) Humayun (b) Babur (c) Amitabh Bachchan (d) Shah Jahan
  • What is the maximum percentage of GST that can be levied?
    Options – (a) 32% (b) 28% (c) 25% (d) 24%
  • Who is the CEO of Adobe Systems? Shantanu Narayen
  • Who was crowned as Miss World 2017? Manushi Chillar
  • Who is the Governor of Bihar? Old - Satyapal Malik (Now- Lalji Tandon)
  • Who is the author of Lone Fox Dancing Book? Ruskin Bond
  • Which cricketer has hit 200+ runs three times in ODI? Rohit Sharma
  • Who built Jama Masjid? Shah Jahan
  • Where is the Andes Mountain Range Located? South America
  • Which type of energy is stored in the Hydroelectric Power Plant? Potential Energy
  • Find the acceleration produced if the force of 20 N is applied on an object of mass 10 Kg. 2 (Use F=ma)
  • Who is the owner of IPL Team Mumbai Indians? Mukesh Ambani (RIL)
  • Day on 1st March 2020? Sunday
  • Higher rate % of GST? 28%
  • Name the compound formed by Aluminium (3) & Oxygen (2). Al2O3
  • One question based on lens formula. U=10 m. f=20 m. Find v? 6.6 m (Use formula 1/f = 1/v - 1/u)
  • 2 Bar graph questions.
  • One question was to find the area of Rhombus.
  • Perimeter of Rectangle is equal to Perimeter of Rhombus. Find the are of Rhombus.
  • One question related to Atomic radius value.
  • One question in books and authors
  • In which continent is the ‘Andes Mountain’ situated?
    Options – (a) South America (b) Europe (c) Australia (d) Asia
  • In 2017, who won the Miss World title in China? – Manushi Chillar


  • Mostly diagram based questions were asked in Maths and Reasoning.
  • Mensuration – 4Qs – all were very tough.
  • Time & Work – 2Qs
    Q.A and B take 12 days to complete a task, B and C take 15 days to complete same task and B and C take 20 days to complete the same task. How many days will A, B and C take individually to complete the task? – A-60, B-20, C-30
  • Upstream/downstream – 1Q
  • Time & Speed – 1Q
  • Train – 1Q
    If a train that is 160m in length crosses a bridge of 840m in 40.5 seconds, what is the speed of the train?
  • Percentage Problem – 1Q
    If Karan’s total marks in exams are 63 and this means he’s scored 84% marks then what were the total marks of the paper?
  • Graphs – 2 Qs, Pie charts – very easy
  • Q. In the equation 6×4+2=15, for LHS to be equal to RHS which of the following questions need to be satisfied?
    (a) ‘×’ should be ‘+’ and 4 should be 2
    (b) ‘×’ should be ‘+’ and 16 should be 6
    (c) ‘×’ should be ‘+’ and 4 should be 6
    (d) ‘×’ should be ‘+’ and 2 should be 4

General Intelligence & Reasoning

  • Most questions were diagram based.
  • Direction & Distance – 1Q
    Q. A person starts walking towards east, walks 25 km and then takes a right turn to walk 37 km. The person then moves left and covers 40 km more. Finally this person takes a right to walks 25 km. How much is the distance between this person and his/her starting point? – 62km
  • Statement & Conclusion/Assumption – 4Qs
  • Mirror Image – 2Qs
  • Water Image – 2 Qs
  • Clock – 1Q
  • Calendar – 2Qs
    Q1. What day will be on 1st March 2020? – Sunday
    Q2.  If 1st Feb 2018 is Monday then what is 8th April 2019? – Monday
  • A triangle was given with multiple triangles. Question was to tell the total number of triangles – 14
  • Embedded figure – 1Q
  • Alphabet Series – 1 Q
  • Blood Relations – 1 Q
    Q. Shri and Kavi are a couple. Soumya and Navya are sisters. If Soumya is also Shri’s sister, then what is the relation between Kavi and Soumya? – Sister – In – Law
  • A, D, H, ?, N

General Science

  • 4-5 Numericals were asked.
  • Unit of Power –Watt
  • Carbohydrates, Proteins and fats are digested in which of these?
    (a) Small intestines (b) Large intestines (c) Stomach (d) none of these
  • What is the name of male reproductive hormone in humans? – Testosterone
  • Periodic table based question.
    Q. How many elements did Newland’s octaves/periodic table had? – 53
  • Q.Which of these is a chemical reaction ?
    (a) Curdling of Milk
    (b) Rusting of Iron
    (c) Heating up of Copper wire
    (d) None of the above
  • Question-based on vegetative propagation.
    Q. What is the method in which vegetative propagation is done through stems – Grafting
  • If, valency of Al = 3 and O = 2, what is the chemical formula of Aluminium Oxide? – Al2O3

RRB ALP Analysis and Questions 29th August 2018 – 2nd Shift


  • When a price of certain product is increased by 30%, what percent of consumption should be reduced to find a constant expenditure? – 300/13
  • Cost of two table and Three chairs is rs 3500 and cost of three tables and two chairs is rs 4000. Find the cost of one table – Rs. 1000

General Science

  • Atomic number of Fe (iron) – 26
  • WBC is also known as? – Leucocytes
  • Which part of brain controls balance, posture and coordination of the body? – Cerebellum
  • What is the Ph balance of blood? – 7.4
  • Atomic no. 17 falls under which group under the periodic table? – Halogen
  • What is the weight of human brain? – 1350cc
  • What is the formula of mirror?- 1/v+1/u=1/f
  • Who discovered the value of G? – Henry Cavendish
  • Which mirror is used for vehicles as rear view mirror? – Convex Mirror
  • Kinetic energy formula – 1/2 mv2

General Awareness & Current Affairs

  • Which canal connects Pacific Atlantic Ocean? – Panama Canal
  • When was ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ started? – 2nd October 2014
  • Who is the RBI Governor? – Urjit Patel
  • Name the state government which launched the ‘Gobardhan Yojana’? – Haryana
  • Who is the Chairman of ISRO? – Kailasavadivoo Sivan
  • Who received the ‘Polly Umrigar’ award? – Virat Kohli.
  • Who is the CEO of Apple co.? – Tim Cook
  • Which state collected the highest GST?- Maharashtra
  • Chief of Indian Naval Staff? – Sunil Lanba
  • Chief minister of Odisha? – Naveen Patnaik
  • Capital of Venezuela – Caracas
  • ‘Kambala buffalo’ race is the annual festival of which state? – Karnataka
  • Who is the Chairperson of Central board of film certification? – Prasoon Joshi

RRB ALP Analysis and Questions 29th August 2018 – 3rd Shift


  • Find the mean proportion of 0.16 & 0.64 – 0.32
  • 56% of 375 – 210
  • Find the median of 1,1,2,3,4,5 – 2.5
  • The height of a parallelogram is twice that of its base, the area of the parallelogram is 392 cm2. Find its height?- 28cm
  • 56% of 356 =?
  • Median of 1,1,2,3,4,5?
  • If height is twice of base of a parallelogram, and area is 392 square cm. then height of the parallelogram?
  • 2 tan theta = 3, then (2 sin theta- cos theta)/(cos theta- Sin theta)=

General Science

Razia Sultana related questions
Which actress has citizenship of UK
First Sate to implement GST
Kala Ratna award is given by which state
Which team won the Ranji Trophy for the first time
USA is in which continent
NASCOM related questions
Pancreas related questions
Formula of Baking Soda & Washing Soda
Chemical formula of Glucose
Galvanometer related questions
Barometer related questions
Usage of concave mirror
Halogen related questions
Difference between Enzyme & Hormone
Vinegar is made up of
  • How is the atmospheric pressure measured? – Barometer
  • Which acid is found in the Vinegar? –  Acetic Acid
  • Formula for Baking Soda – NaHCO3
  • What is the formula of Glucose? – C6H12O6

General Awareness & Current Affairs

  • Razia Sultan belonged to which dynasty?- Slave Dynasty
  • Which foreign citizenship does Alia Bhatt have? –  British citizenship
  • Name the first state government to implement GST? – Telangana
  • The ‘Kala Ratan’ award is conferred by which state? – Andhra Pradesh
  • USA falls under which Continent? – North America
  • First women head of Nasscom – Debjani Ghosh
  • Who is the CEO of Adobe? – Shantanu Narayen



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